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The Worst Mistakes In History (Part-II)

The Worst Mistakes In History (Part-II)Safety inspectors forget to replace a valve at the Piper Bravo Oil RigMoney lost in 1994: $3.4 billion in repairs
Inflation adjusted price: $5.1 billion

In July of 1988, oil workers were evacuated from the Piper Bravo Oil Rig after an explosion. The explosion killed 167 of the 226 men working.
During a routine check, inspectors removed and replaced all safety valves, except for one, which was never put back. Unaware that the safety valve was missing, a worker pushed the start button, and gas began to leak out.
Capitain Joe Hazelwood crashes the Exxon-Valdez into Prince William SoundMoney lost in 1989: $4.4 billion in clean up and repairs
Inflation adjusted value: $7.8 billion 

In 1989, an Exxon oil tanker was on its way to California when it hit the Prince William Sound off the coast of Alaska. The tanker spilled as many as 760,000 barrels into the water off the Alaska coastline. Captain Hazelwood was accused of being drunk at the time of the accid…

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